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Beard Arts Center houses the Foundry Lab for our in-house design team, as well as a ceramics studio with three kilns, the photo lab with cyc wall, high-quality Epson large format printers in our Mac lab, an illustration studio, two galleries and much more. All of these assure that our students have easy access to the latest technology needed to carry out a variety of creative projects so they will be on top of their game when entering their field of choice.


Our Mac labs are updated with the newest Apple models every two years and outfitted with high-quality EPSON wide format printers, industry standard EPSON photo printers, phaser printers, and high-quality EPSON film scanners. All students have access to our multiple MacLab studios which offer the Adobe Creative Suite on each computer for use in the building. Our studios are also fitted with whiteboards for intense brainstorming sessions. These resources prepare students for life in a studio when they make their leap from here to beyond.


The Foundry is our in-house design studio for internal communication proejcts for the Division of Art + Design. From here, our student interns can work on social media, promotional materials, brand experiences, and internal paperwork and documents. The Foundry is a great opportunity to put your learning to the test and gain invaluable experience while building your portfolio!


The design studios are setup for collaboration and design thinking. They provide a space to ideate solutions and develop a wide variety of finished outtcomes. Each studio is equipped with high-end laser printing, book binding materials, Apple computers, several white boards, and even white board tables for easy brainstorming. You can also tack design iterations by utilizing the homesite (think thick cork) on the studio walls for easy display of your process or final solutions.


Our Illustration classroom is fitted with drawing desks for students to work, and easy access to Adobe Creative Cloud in the MacLab ensures students have the ability to work digitally on Photoshop in addition to traditional media. Corkboard walls allow for easy critique in class. These resources help prepare students to make their best work to build their portfolio.


Our photo area is full of everything you will need for investigating and exploring different methods and styles of photography. Providing spaces for a portrait studio, a cyc wall, and a product studio with lighting and external flash allows students to take pictures in a professional setting. Students also have access to two dark rooms for use in film photography. All students have access to the studios so they are able to take quality photos of their work for their portfolio.


Our Ceramics Studios are set up with supplies for making pots and other clay creations. Potter’s wheels line up along the wall giving students access to space for creating top quality work. Right outside the Ceramics Workshop is a few kilns for firing work and finishing pieces.


The Preproom allow students to work on projects using tools needed for finishing. Mat cutters and a spray booth are accessible for students needing to cut frames, attach work using spray adhesive, or use spray paint.


Quite literally the heartbeat of the Art + Design department, our offices house our professor offices and out department secretary. Our dedicated team is here to guide you through your university career.


The lecture hall and gallery spaces are located off the main lobby of Beard Art Center. Visiting artists and designers come through this space in shifting exhibits throughout the year to exhibit their work, meet students, and lecture about their work. These gallery openings present opportunities for students to interact with professionals in their field and widen their horizons about differing forms of art.

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