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We know the inherent tranquillity that comes when you create. Art making not only informs but soothes and mends. The ability to give peace of mind comes at the cost of knowing turmoil, but without such things our stories would be bland at best.

Pre-Art Therapy is an exciting and ambitious combination of both Art and Psychology studies that prepare you for the world of counseling. Thorough explorations of art making alongside knowledge of how we think and do, Pre-Art Therapy offers a experience like no other major. In your time you will begin know what it means to walk along side people and use what you know about art to inform and better their lives as well as your own.


ART 101 – Ideation/Interpretation
ART 111 – OBS/REP 1: Empirical Drawing
ART 241 – Ceramics I
ART 331 – Representational Painting
PSY 150 – General Psychology
PSY 210 – Introduction to Art Therapy
PSY 251 – Child Development
PSY 370 – Theories of Personality


Our Pre-Art Therapy students have the opportunity to engage in professional experience while studying through practicum where they use everthing they are learning in environments and settings outside the university.

Lastly, to be fully prepared we recommend and help place our students into both service oriented and professional internships. These typically take place during the Junior and Senior year! Take a look here to learn more!


We want to learn more about you and your desire to become an amazing art therapist. Our faculty are here to meet with you and help direct your learning and studio practice to become aligned with your deepest passions and calling. To learn more, reach out to any of our amazing faculty!




In a world filled with human interaction and suffering, there is always a need for Christian Art Therapists who can help people heal and move forward to a bright future. Through a mix of psychology and art, students are uniquely prepared for careers such as:

– Art Therapist
– Psychologist

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