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Our Illustration minor is focused on artistic collaboration and the creative process. You begin by refining your drawing and painting skills while infusing imagery with narrative. The drawing and composition courses guide students in this program to master the core fundamentals of design and to focus on the connections between imagination, art, and business.

The studies and projects you will undertake are a part of a curriculum that strives to equip you with the skills and courage required to face the challenges of a career in the marketplace. The time spent in the illustration major will cultivate your signature style as you embrace various mediums, methods, and materials to diversify and strengthen your professional portfolio.


ART 101 – Empirical Drawing
ART 275 – Composition and Storyboarding
ART 331 – Representational Painting
ART 374 – Illustration I
ART 474 – Illustration II
ART 477 – Thematic Illustration III


As an illustrator we prepare students for understanding the world of deadlines and proofs by simulating the types of projects you will receive as an illustrator. With access to professors who are concurrently professional illustrators they help connect students to opportunities they come across. Several of our students have had opportunities to illustrate children’s books before graduation and begin a successful career in illustration.

Lastly, to be fully prepared we recommend and help place our students into both service oriented and professional internships. These typically take place during the Junior and Senior year! Take a look here to learn more!


An exciting world is out there holding a plethora of opportunities to use your illustration skills. In a world captivated by the visual there is space for hard work to make an impact on those who experience it. Studying illustration prepares you for a future as:

– Illustrator
– Character Design
– Interior Artist
– Medical Illustrator

– Animator
– Storyboard Artist
– Fashion Illustrator
– Advertising Artist

– Cartoonist
– Book Illustrator
– Designer
– Creative Director

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